Send SMS

Our flexible and easy to use system helps you achieve your personal communication goals seamlessly.

SMS messages can be sent using any of our interfaces, which are all available via your account upon registration.

On-line Web Form

Our easy to use web form includes a Contacts/Groups feature so you can store your contacts and send messages from any location. You can see how many characters you have remaining and change your from-id on a per message basis (if enabled). View our Demo pages to see a sample of the webform now.


Send SMS as easily as you e-mail. Using Outlook (or your normal email Software) send to Emails can also be generated by scripts or applications for easy integration.

CSV file (Batch Sending)

By creating a simple text file in CSV format (comma separated values) it is possible to send a batch of messages. Send the same message, or different messages to any number of recipients. You have the choice of uploading the file to our server, and selecting a delivery time/date, OR email the file to and it will be processed for sending immediately.


A simple HTTP Get or Post request is all it takes to send an SMS. This is the ideal sending method for an on-line application or website. It's possible to include any number of recipients within a single request. So it's perfect for an alert from your monitoring system; or for hundreds of adverts to your entire client base.

For details and specifications on all of our sending methods please see the Interfaces document, or take a look at the Information Centre where you'll find all API documents and Developer Specific documents.

"Kapow's email2SMS service fulfils VolvoIT's desire to have a fast cheap and reliable solution for email to sms with very low administrative overhead... The fact that Kapow are still improving and developing the service is testament to... " – Nigel Frost, Volvo IT Read more

"We've never had a single problem in all of these years. In two words: "It works." These guys really do what they say on the tin....and there's nothing more you can ask, which means we'll be Kapowing for many years to come!" – Triston Russell, Amherst Consultants LLP Read more

"KAPOW! delivers text messaging to our mobile phone users in 10 seconds....Accounting is streamlined, and purchasing new messaging units is easy. Very recommendable." – Telecommunications Manager, London School of Economics Read more

"Just about all our customers have mobile phones and all our sales people do so SMS as a broadcast or individual communication managed seamlessly through Kapow's gateway " – Richard Whitbread, Seiko UK Read more

"I have been delighted with the service I have received from Kapow. They were quickly able to pick up on our requirements and gave prompt and helpful responses to my queries. I would recommend this company to anyone. " – Val Whetton, Motofix Accident Repair Centres Read more

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