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"Kapow's email2SMS service fulfils VolvoIT's desire to have a fast cheap and reliable solution for email to sms with very low administrative overhead.....The fact that Kapow are still improving and developing the service is testament to their desire to drive their customer satisfaction into the stratosphere."

Nigel Frost, Volvo IT

"Since 2003 we've trusted Kapow to carry the SMS traffic for ourselves and our clients. Having integrated it into our applications (both in house and for clients), we've never had a single problem in all of these years. In two words: "It works." These guys really do what they say on the tin....and there's nothing more you can ask, which means we'll be Kapowing for many years to come!"

Triston Russell, Amherst Consultants LLP, August 2011

"KAPOW! delivers text messaging to our mobile phone users in 10 seconds advising them that someone has left them a voicemail. It means we don't need to keep dialling in to the voicemail system, and everybody loves it. Accounting is streamlined, and purchasing new messaging units is easy and all done by e-mail. Very recommendable."

Telecommunications Manager, London School of Economics

"Just about all our customers have mobile phones and all our sales people do so SMS as a broadcast or individual communication managed seamlessly through Kapow's gateway immediately struck us an extremely effective business tool."

Richard Whitbread, Seiko UK

"I have been delighted with the service I have received from Kapow. They were quickly able to pick up on our requirements and gave prompt and helpful responses to my queries. I would recommend this company to anyone."

Val Whetton, Motofix Accident Repair Centres

"When I first thought of adding text to my website I called around and encountered Companies who made it sound so complicated.

And then I found you and your helpful guidance was just the best that I had found...

Now I can honestly say my interactive texting process is as smooth as a baby's bottom!"

Angela Hyde-Courtney, The Audience Club, September 2013

"Kapow's SMS service enables us to offer responsive technical support to our customers and this is something that's hugely important to us. We've received awards for service delivery and couldn't have won these without reliable services like Kapow in place. Highly recommended."

Cathryn Higginson, Marketing Manager, iCritical, November 2013


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